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Last Updated: July 19 2011
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Articles and publications
Articles and Publications

Recent Publications

  • CSCMP Global Perspectives Benelux (2008)  focuses on the role of Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg in European logistics. The study was coauthored by Thomas Bougard, Invest Wallonia; Krist’l Krols, Flanders Institute for Logistics (VIL); Marc Linster; Ron Roest, CEVA Logistics; and Stephan Satijn, Holland International Distribution Council (NDL/HIDC.
    Click here for the table of contents. Copies available upon request from CSCMP.
  • Using EPCglobal Network to track airline baggage around the world (2005); A joint presentation with the CTO of UCC/GS1 at the EPCGlobal US Conference 2005, discussing the use of electronic products codes for baggage tracking
    Click here for a copy of the presentation
  • Implementing an IT Architecture for Successful Global Lead Logistics Operations (2004); A joint presentation with the Chief Systems Architect of Kuehne+Nagel at the Council of Logistics Management 2004, discussing the IT infrastructure for a global 4PL implementation (copy available upon request)

Other References to Prior Work

  • Tracking Industrial Printers across the Globe Using RFID (2005) - A video produced by Microsoft describing this joint project of Kuehne-Nagel, Lufthansa, OCE, Microsoft and Avicon tracking industrial printers manufactured in Germany all the way to the US and final delivery.
    Click here to watch the video.
  • EPC Bag Tagging Takes Wing - an article in RFID Journal (Featured Story, December 5, 2005) describing how the Transportation Security Administration conducted an end-to-end trial proving UHF EPC tags can be read in Asian, U.S. and European regulatory environments, and that airlines can use the EPCglobal data model to share bag tag data. The pilot used software provided by Avicon to track baggage in multiple international airports.
    Copy available upon request.
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